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23 Random things I miss from my childhood:

  1. Fitting comfortably inside the tricycle.
  2. Ate Aida. Our helper who was alongside our mother in raising me and my siblings.
  3. My bedroom in the province which I shared with my brother Josh. I’m not sure what has become of it.
  4. The piano at our home in the province, and my strong conviction as a child that it was the most beautiful and best-sounding piano in the world. It’s not, of course.
  5. Having highschool friends over for lunch on a school day. Sagot ko kanin, sa kanila letchong manok.
  6. Gymnastics. It’s the closest I got to flying. Aside from swimming and jumping on a trampoline while attached to a harness.
  7. Sleepovers.
  8. The annual conventions in Baguio when I was in high school.
  9. Being woken up by my mother tickling me. There’s only a handful of things one can do to get my lazy butt out of bed in the morning. My mom only needs her pointing finger to do the trick.
  10. Riding on my father’s back while he does his final laps in the pool. SHYDEEEEEEER!
  11. Kids’ Choir practices at our church. And the snacks after. 😉
  12. Children’s Sunday School. And the snacks after.  Hehe. ;p
  13. Our old family car. Tamaraw FX. TTD.981
  14. Being able to climb the champaca tree in our garden.
  15. Chocolate cakes (or mocha chiffon) on my birthday. I didn’t get any for my last three birthdays. (Am I that bad?! haha)
  16. Eating a hefty meal sa tabi ng ilog with family and relatives.
  17. Potlucks and little family reunions during our stay the US and Canada.
  18. Playing/performing as a band with my brothers.
  19. Going around the village on a bike.
  20. Back massages from my father in the morning! Thanks, Pa!
  21. Waking up early in the morning so I could be first to use the family computer (black and white pa that time) and play Street Fighter.
  22. Getting hold of the TV remote control before my brothers could. That meant I get to watch the shows I wanted for as long as I had the remote control. It was a symbol of power.  Haha. Kids!
  23. The big old one-peso coin. And the candies you can buy with it.

Kairos done!

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It’s been a long but fast-paced week! Thankful still!

Let me share this song God has put in my heart since the first day of the Kairos Course (formerly Condensed World Mission Course) . I’d sneak to the dunamis area and sing this to myself on the piano during some of the breaks and when I went home.

It’s not what you can do for Him                                                                         It’s what he wants to do through you                                                                 It’s not some power of your own                                                                     It’s His power flowing through

It’s not what He would have you do                                                                     But what He would have you be                                                                           You’ve already asked “what would Jesus do?”                                                  Now the question needs to be

What is Jesus doing right here where we are?                                                 Where is Jesus working? Is it too soon to start?                                                        He wants you to join Him                                                                            So if you are smart you’ll ask                                                                       What is Jesus doing and can I be a part?

It’s not your plan He’s looking for                                                                     You know He’s got one of His own                                                                      It’s not your gifts you give to Him                                                                  For it comes from Him alone

If you put down your own ideas                                                                           And just let Him take the lead                                                                              You won’t have to ask “What would Jesus do?”                                              If you look your eyes will see


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…I went to the dentist.

…I took my last antibiotic. Had been sick for almost three weeks. I really felt bad. It’s bad enough to be sick. Pero during the last weeks of the semester (with all the exams and final requirements)!?!? God’s grace abounds. It continues to amaze me. Now, I feel better.  I praise God for the doctors and the meds he used. Jehovah Rophe!

…I went to UP in hopes of getting some things done and although I didn’t accomplish what I came to school for, I enjoyed the walk. The sun was up but the wind was cool. Waited a long time in front of the college for the jeep that never came (I didn’t mind) and realized how unusually quiet it was. I could hear the aircon 30 meters away! I don’t know if it‘s because school is over or because it’s  a saturday, but it was really quiet. I liked it.

…I went to the mall and walked around – one of the things I love to do whenever I have the time. I don’t buy things, I just really like strolling around. I had not been able to do it for a long time na rin!

…I had a great lunch. Chicken Enchilaaaaada!!! Another favorite. om nom nom nom.

…I started reading what seems to be a good book.

…I had my hair cut and for the first time in a long time I didn’t find the need to say “manong, konting bawas pa dito, konting tabas pa dun” afterwards.

…I looked for, found and bought what I’ll be wearing on thursday. For the past month my mother had been asking what I would be wearing for the event. But when you’re busy with school and other more important preparations,  I really wouldn’t care if  I play on stage wearing jeans and t-shirt. That’s the least of my concerns.

…I enjoyed a cup of coffee. My being a walking incubus of bacterial plague these past weeks had kept me from drinking this beverage (another favorite).  My parents are really against it but for the past months, errrrrrr …years, I had been taking it regularly. Looking back, I think it was a good thing that I cut my caffeine intake. Helped me with my nerves. And though I have no plans of  getting back to my regular dose, I really enjoyed that cup of coffee.

…I watched a movie (LIMITLESS) and felt it was worth the money. It’s about a man who takes this pill that enables him to use his brain to its full capacity. Nakakatawa pa, one of the things he was able to do after taking the pill was learn how to play the piano in three days. IN THREE DAYS.  There was a scene that showed him sight-reading a Rachmaninoff prelude effortlessly. Right about that time I really wished there was such a pill out there. Haha. That made me wonder how life would be if we all take that pill. We are all finite. From time to time life reminds us of our being “limited”.  And these reminders are subtle at times, IN-YOUR-FACE at others. I must say, in my 22 years of existence I’ve had a lot of the latter. Hehe. Thank God that He is God. Infinite and more than what we are able to comprehend. And we can depend on Him.

Numbers 23:19 says,

God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?”

That’s enough for me to rejoice in my finiteness. I am in God’s hands. Time and again He has proven himself faithful. His grace abounds. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. What He says He’ll do, He’ll do. What He promises, He makes them happen.

Speaking of finiteness…

another opportunity for me to experience God’s goodness. 🙂

Please pray with me!

Today has been a good day. I don’t wish everyday to be like this day. I just thank God for days like this one. 🙂

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