My trusty phone just lost half its function.

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Decided to start wearing a watch again. It’s gonna allow me to leave the house without my phone more often. 🙂


Work. :)

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Photo taken last monday during our last rehearsal before Joven (batchmate, percussion major) gave his graduation recital that night. We performed Ney Rosauro’s Concerto for Marimba and orchestra. It’s amazing how this can be considered as work for some. Including me!!!! YEY!!!! Thank you Lord! 🙂

I really wish my father was right.

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For the past few years I have been going to Bruno’s Barbers (trinormal branch) for my haircut. And I would always come out of the shop satisfied. They have this catalogue with pictures of celebrities from magazines in it and you just point to them which haircut you like and they’ll do it. Of course, I wouldn’t come out looking like a celebrity. A couple hundred bucks cannot do that, unfortunately. But I would always go home without any complaint. The other week however, I decided to try this small barber shop which is just walking distance from where I live. For a number of reasons like it really is nearer and cheaper. It is a scandal to my parents that I spend around 200 pesos for my haircut. (In the province, a good haircut doesn’t cost more than 40 pesos.)

Pero naman. Eto kinalabasan. Last week while I was giving a lesson, my 5-year old piano student commented “Teacher, panget ng buhok mo!”

Kids can tell.

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